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  1. Raw Emerald with Petite Sterling Silver Pronged Ring Setting, designed by Jen Stones
  2. Emerald Wave Ring, designed by Jen Stones
  3. Sterling Silver Openwork Wave Ring
  4. Gold White Wave Ring - Size 7
  5. Gold Blue Wave Ring - Size 7
  6. Turquoise Copper Patina Scallop Design Ring
  7. Purple Floral Silver-Plated Patina Ring
  8. Mint Square Rivet Silver-Plated Patina Ring
  9. Teal Cross Silver-Plated Patina Ring
  10. Mermaid Ring with Emerald by Jen Stones
  11. Vibrant Wave Gift Card
  12. Alchemia Larimar Oval Adjustable Ring
  13. Alchemia Larimar Teardrop Double Band Cuff Ring
  14. Alchemia Turquoise Oval Rope Adjustable Ring